by Arun Nair

Razorsharp Technologies Pvt Ltd

The Brief

Helping employees to adapt to the new normal of Working from Home


Karnataka government announces 2 week lockdown (14th July to 5 am on 22nd July), delivery scheduled for the 18th of July. We couldn’t rely on conventional delivery agencies.

The YDS Solution

  • All Production fast tracked, and Products arrive T minus 5 hours to lockdown on the 13th.
  • 4 teams assembled: 3 on TVS Excels, and 1 Car
  • Teams set out to deliver the said parcels to the four different sides of the city T minus 4 Hrs all teams head towards their delivery.

  • 158 Km travelled to cover all delivery location
  • First delivery at 5.46 PM 
  • Last Delivery at 12.24 AM
  • 39 deliveries to respective homes across Bangalore city

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